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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wtf wednesday...

1.Nikki Sixx (died)
2.Mila Kunis (fuckin bitchy and hot)
3.Denise Richards (transgender dude?)
4.Edward Norton (you won’t like him when he is angry)
5.Iron Man 3 (straight to video in time for christmas)
6.Amanda Beard (got her face waxed)
7.Bill Clinton mustache (pornstache)
8.UBS dress code(United Bull Shit)
9.Credit cards (not cool)
10.Bellagio robbery (I was not there)

I had a crappy day...let me tell you all about it...

And then the cell phone rang...

And then the text and e-mails started pouring in...

I went to see my buddy VoHo...he was having a bad day.

I wrote most of this post in invisible ink.
I would have written it in regular ink...
but then i'd have to kill you.

and then your day would be bad as well...

However, if you have a magic decoder ring and x-ray specs, you can read it.

Just Another Day In Paradise!!!


  1. Cute Bruce. Maybe I need to take a page from your book. Can't seem to make myself post anything. If I did it would just be a bitch post and I don't want to scrooge anybody else's Christmas Spirit. I'll come around soon. My funks never last too awful long, it's one of the advantages to having multiple personalities.

  2. it used to be you could write in lemon juice to make invisible ink. The you would iron the paper and the words would show. somehow i dont think ironing my laptop is a good idea so I will have to trust that you actually used invisible ink and are not just fibbing to me
    My day was rather interesting too.

  3. Hey, I had that kind of day!. Must be catchy.

  4. I bet what we can't see is actually sweet words of kindness and you're just embarrased.

  5. Damn my magic decoder ring is broken and x-ray specs i can't find them but it was a good post anyways or at least that's what the voices are telling me.

  6. @OFT- yep but at least it was not needles and a v word...

    @MS-i love multiple personalities...

    @KBF- yup...and i hear it is going around...i knew i shoulda gotten that suckyday flu shot...

    @BB-yeah...i wish...sorry, no sweetness today hun...i am just feelin foul..tomorrow will be better...

    @Becca-i love those voices...they tell me all kinds of things as well...i actually wrote a post about that a few months back...

  7. I like this post. It's simple and it's creative.

  8. Bruce, damn it! I saw "Nikki Sixx (died)" and my stomach dropped. I had to Google that shit. I love me some Motley Crue lol!


  9. hed- sorry for the fright...i jsut put any old thing up there irrelevant of fact...i am surprised at the number of people that actually read the shit i throw out there in the trending now portion..


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