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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tucker does tuesday!

 1.Taylor Swift (sings with barney the dinosaur)
2.Mariah Carey (very hot)
3.John Travolta (battle field earth II?)
4.Jennifer Carpenter (eats ants)
5.Hormone therapy (does not work)
6.Scarlett Johansson (is related to me)
7.2,400-year-old soup (seriously? f*ing soup?)
8.Reverse mortgages (are going to cause the next recession)
9.Michael Vick (is now a dog lover)
10.Stuxnet virus (can be cured by turning off your computer...and just walk away)

hi. im tucker. daddy calls me TuckMonster. i do not know why. i am cute. cute.cute.cute. everyone says so. being cute means you can lick daddy's mug with brown stuff in it. the brownstuff he drinks in the morning. not the brown stuff he drinks at night. i don't drink his candyian wiskers any more. it is yucky.yucky.yucky.yucky.

but his morning brown stuff is good. he calls it coffee. he says it wakes him up. i don't think it wakes him up. i wake him up. by licking his whole face. licky.licky.licky. yup. i like to lick people. they taste all salty and yummerry. and i like to wake daddy up. i wake him up whenever i want. cuz i can.

today is daddy's day. some people call it a birthday. daddy just calls it daddy day. he says he is 25. that makes him like 3 and half in dog years. i don't think so. he's so slow and old he is more like 7 dog years, and he is getting white on his jowls. that is what happens when dogs get old. he is old. old. old.
daddy and i fighting for a bone...btw i won....daddy is so old...

every day is daddy day. he gets up and does daddy things. i want every day to be tucker day. daddy says that every day is tucker day, but i do not think he is right. i do not get to go chase bunnies and squirels and play with other dogs. all day long like daddy. and  he does smell like other dogs some days. and somedays he smells like abner cat, who lives down the street.

today daddy took me with him. we went it was fun! we went to the big orange store. i went to see my girlfriend bella. we went to pick up a window. and we went to some other places, but they all look the same. i had fun. i stuck my head out of the window. it was smelly-wonderful. i licked daddy's face a whole bunch of times. and i also licked his mug of morning brown stuff. a.lot. and he doesn't even know.

i got daddy this card for daddy day. because it is true. i hope daddy appreciates the card.

mommy and mylibean and me, (tucker) bought daddy a pie. he loves cherry pie. i heard him singing this wierd thing...

"she's my cherry pie, cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise" over and over and over again. and then he laughed. daddy is so silly. but he is also so old. so we don't say much...

see you next week when i talk all about me and satan santa


  1. awww, give daddy a big birthday lickty from me Tucker. And not too much coffee, nt good for a young pup

  2. @OFT- hey man thanks!

    @Kara- i soon as he gets up off the floor...he seems to be sleepin it off...

    @mynx- consider the lickity done...and i will try not to drink so much coffee...

  3. Happy Birthday to Tuckity Bobuckitys' Daddy.
    "Daddy" will be reprimanded for not informing me that it was his birthday. Alcohol will be his punishment.

  4. Tucker is a pretty talented dog. His typing skills are amazing. That was an adorable post! Happy B Day again!

  5. Happy Birthday and Tucker you did an amazing job on the post.

  6. @anon- friday founders...b there...

    @BB- thanks! and yes he is getting better at typing posts... but he waits unitl the last minute, and he rarely respondes so i have to...

    @becca- Thanks! he usually does a good job...but he is really a procrastinator...

  7. Hi ya Tuck. Tell your Daddy I'm really sorry I missed his birthday. Oh and BTW, Coffee is as nasty as Canadian Whiskers if you ask me, but it will just kill your taste buds ... not your brain cells.

  8. @MS-
    i will pass along the message...he is taking me to mancave thursday tonight.

    i do not like coffee as much as the white stuff that daddy calls magic cream...that stuff is all yummery and sweet!

  9. i'm sorry, but that has profile pic written all over it.

  10. @christopher- yeah, for tuckers fb page...


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