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Thursday, November 11, 2010

so i got a pet rock

1.Brittany Murphy (dead, but she was hot) 2.Iowa Plane Crash (bummer) 3.Giada De Laurentis (Who the F is this?) 4.Osteoporosis 5.Mikhail Baryshnikov (male ballet dancer?) 6.Loretta Lynn (god she looks old and stuff) 7.Skin Care 9.Retirement Age (47 is the new 62) 10.Elizabeth Smart

8.Veterans Day
(thank you to the men and women that serve our country to protect our freedoms!!)
    Being unemployed is a  terrible great thing. I have found that there are ABSOF-INGLUTLY no jobs for a guy of my particular skill set...WTF...I updated my resume. I changed my contact information. I changed my previous employer. I decided on a fair wage for the industry and the current economic climate. I have done a ton of Work on this, and yet, still no jobs...but.... 
     The other day TuckMonster found me a pet rock. Ordinarily, I may not find that very exciting, but ya gotta find enjoyment in the little things when you cannot afford the big ones. However, I have discovered that big bottle of cheap CanadianWhiskey can get you just as drunk as the more expensive ones. Truth be told even more drunk, cuz you can buy twice as much for the same price and hence drink twice as much.

just so you know, I rarely  never occasionally let alcohol influence my body of work.
     I like this time of year when the gift boxes come out. I am talking about the alcohol gift boxes. It's cool cuz you can buy a bottle of your fav orite booze and they give you a deck of cards or a couple glassses.  Of course if you don't drink this present is not as cool but it sure beats a snuggy. or a f-ing brown wallet...
    All this time to sit and stare at the computer has given me a chance to find some other bloggers that I really dig like this blog: Kara Hoag. Check her out. She only has two followers of which I was the first, so I get all the cerdit when you stop by. I don't understand how a blog about quilting can have over a thousand followers but intersting stuff like her blog has only two...
 for that matter why do i only have 16?
(one of which is me, so 15?)
kudos to the 15, tho' 
prolly cuz my blog sucks,
or other people suck.
i prefer to think it is not me...
do the math, people!
   It has also given me time to figure out what I really want to do with my life and WorkingForALiving is really not it. It pays the bills and keeps me fed but what else has it done for me lately? I will say hell I will say a lot of things, but I do not wake up every morning feeling like some MMA guy spent the better part of the night using me for a practice dummy.
    What does that mean? Obviously, it means that my job, now that it went bye bye is not longer killing me. So my addiction to vicodin is for naught. Seriously? Addicted is too strong a word. let's just say,  I like vicodin and it likes me, K? but not lately. Nope.Not.Lately. Have not needed to kill the pain. And just so you know, I HAVE NOT simply substituted drinking for vitamin V. Nope. Not so much. I am just not taking both.
      I, however, have come up with a daily routine to keep me from just drooling in front the TV/'Puter. Part of my routine is surfing the net for porn  jobs. Everyone knows sleeping in is much more fun than getting up and making big sticks into little sticks, playing with toilets, and moving paint from a bucket to a wall...but you have to make an effort. You have to apply yourself to get anywhere. AND Apply for jobs to get one...Jus' Sayin' 
     Being basically a lazy guy, I have to have a routine or I will just do a whole lot of nothing. Not that that is all bad. As I approach the end of my second week of unemployment I have yet to follow thru with any of the goals and directives that I put forth on my little, organized outline. Except one. I did file for unemployment. Oh wait make that two, I put my resume on the MIWorks page...okay make that 3. i sent out a few resumes...
   So, yeah I got a pet rock. It is cool and all that. It does nothing. I respect that. If you have been around for millions of years, it is cool to just do nothing. I know that 47 is close to a million, or at least closer to a million than 46. (yay ChicagoMath!) but when you start thinking a rock is your new idol? Is there someting wrong with that? IDK?
     i wonder what to name this little guy?
and yes those are fangs...
without opposable thumbs, how else do you think it kills its food?
a contest is in order.
i will come up with some rules and a prize and get back to you later..
i. have .soooo. much. to. do...
     I wonder why no one has responded to the 47 yr old construction guy that wants to make $55.00 hour and does not want to get out of bed the house to do it...mebbe it is time to update that resume...again...
 wait.a.min.ute. one of the blogs  I Follow just updated a blog...better check that out...


  1. Aw! Thanks for the blogger love!
    And I'll have you know that a Snuggie would be an EXCELLENT Christmas gift.

  2. no prob...and i bet snuggy's do make great gift...but i think that this year i want booze, so i am putting the feelers out a bit early..

  3. I think you should call it Petey. And make it the star of a blog award with a pile of complicated rules. And then give it to me.
    And look at you now with nearly 100 followers. :)


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