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Saturday, November 6, 2010

the sarcasm font

1.Lindsay Lohan (yeah what else is new? Lindsey is in trouble again?) 
2.Facebook Font (seriously? i was writing this blog a week ago but had other better blogs to post...NOW FACEBOOK IS TRYING TO BEAT ME TO THE PUNCH?)
3.Jennifer Aniston (totally HOT!!)4.Black Friday(already? i have not even had a turkey leg yet) Ads 5.Social Security 6.Bristol Palin (WHO REALLY CARES!!) 7.Suge Knight
8.Eddie Murphy 9.Elizabeth Smart … 10.Plane Crashes  (this is always a great thing to trend)

   The world is full of funny things. There are a lot of REALLY funny people. I may be one of them. I like to think so. (don't laugh it only encourages him) the problem with the texted and typed word is there is no sarcasm font.
    Yes, I know we use symbols and such to convey that we are joking like LOL and JK and a bunch of others that I do not know, because I am not up on such things. I wish I were but unfortunately I am not...and truth be told I prolly really do not care if I am not up on many things like that.
    I do not have an answer for this quandary. I use italics and bold to convey different things in my blog but I really do not know what the rhyme or reason is for some of it. I ramble through the blog and edit a whole bunch. I write a few lines and have a bunch of things waiting in the wings for the day that it is ready to is just BloggerMuseBlindLuck that occasionally I find a topic to expound upon that has something remotely tied to something current.
   However, as i post more and more I find I really need a sarcasm font, so when i say something that is sarcastic, and do not want to offend anyone we will all know that i and being sarcastic....Jus' Sayin'
    actually i think i need a FacetiousFont as well...
   aw screw it...if you cannot figure out that i am trying to be funny AND i offend you, you prolly do like my blog anyway...hey so have a great day and get ready for tomorrow when i REALLY have something to say!!!


  1. I'm with you, there is a definite need for a sarcasm font. I can totally get behind that. I use italics, bold, and occasionally all caps, but they reflect inflection, excitement, unbelief, and varying differences in tone. But sarcasm is an art form in my world and it needs it's own font.

  2. hey remember the post where u apologized? frankly I didn't btw in your trending u forgot to mention David Cassidy!. he got picked up DUI... his mug shot seems to show he was proud of it... guess Lindsay should move over, give some room for David.

  3. @ MS

    i thought mebbe i would use the larger font mode...but the jury is still out...seems like more work...

    @ KBF managed to add him to the thematic 122...thanks for th eheads up...

  4. Dont know aout sarcasm but I rather like HKCN :)


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