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Monday, November 1, 2010

change? CHANGE?!!? YOU cannot HANDLE the CHANGE!!!


1.Kelly Clarkson 2.Emma Watson 3.Ron Howard 4.Elizabeth Smart 5.Cable TV

6.Brett Favre 7.Courteney Cox 8.Space Shuttle Disocovery 9.Chapter 11  10.BlackBerry Bold

nothing about the election...nothing about mortgages....very odd...


      I am so tired of prostitcians in our FederalGovernMonster talking about change and the broken system...seems like it is always the other guy that is the problem. thats why on election day we all need to write in me...or even better write in yourself...
    thank god tomorrow will end the robo-calls!!!i am getting tired of the constant stream of lies. sick.sick.sick. as most of you know i lean a little left (even though my right hip is more f-d up than my left...) but this blog is not pointed either way...
AT VERY least get out and vote!!!!

Prostitician #1 "Unlike the last guy/gal, I WILL make change...I will fight the TAX AND SPEND liberals..I will hold the governent accountable and fight fraud and special interest groups...except the  specail interest groups that paid big bucks to get me in this office, I will help THEIR cause...fraud and waste is what the other guy/gal was good at perpetrating..

RIIIGHT!!! I have heard that some many times that I cannot even start to believe anything you say...

Prostitician #2 "Change is slow but it IS happening..."It will take time to get us on the road to recovery." re-elect me and I will continue to promote change in our broken system."

yup yup yup....whatever...i am tired of the koolaid....

Prostitician #1 "Blah blah blah I am different!"  "A vote for me is a vote for change..." lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie AND did I mention Lie?

whatever...heard that, been lied to before...f you!!!

Prostitician #2 "We must be strong in our resolve to effect real change..."
I am all for change but nothing has changed or will change or can change...

so what does all this PoliticalPontificating really mean? 
I am glad you means absofinglutely NOTHING!!!
Jus' sayin'...

am i bitter? hells yeah!
am i pissed? hells yeah!
     Do I want more of the same rhetoric shoveled down my throat by the same/similar ididots that brought us the current situtation? NO! I want CHANGE!!! Unfotunately the PoliticalMachine that gets these AssClowns in power is a monster of biblical porportions...even Preperation H cannot shrink the swelling and PainIntheAss, that is our gets bigger every f-ing day!!
     The wealthy people in power have NO idea what the world is like for a minimum wage earning family, or even low middle class...let alone the poverty class....set down the DOM and Beluga and extract you pie-hole from the special interest teet...
ask your self this...
am i better off than i was two years ago? four years ago? 10 years ago? prolly not, but mebbe you are....if you are, i am truly happy for you....

i know i am NOT! BETTER! OFF!

People are very plan is simple...wait for it...wait for it...


    This election year do the right thing! Vote for the person that has your interest at heart more than anyone else on the entire planet...THE person that will fight for YOUR interests!! The person that will look out for you when no one else will...and so you know, I am not talking about your mother, while she may be great and all, I am talking about YOU!!!

let's shoot for a 200 million way tie!!! THAT would be a REAL CHANGE!!!!
thanks for your vote...and your clicks

Bruce and TuckMonster in 2012

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  1. We all need to take a stand.. Those who complain need to do something instead of whining.. A friend posted a video where a poll was taken and it showed where there was a higher percentage favorable to democratic thinking.. What is sad is that most people do not vote during mid term and that is when the voting goes more conservative..
    here is my friend's link.. blogger won't let me post the html.

  2. KBF
    the link worked in the email notification of a blog comment...thanks...good stuff...

    astounding...glad i am going to vote...but i like to vent about the fact that there will never be real change...well, unitl i am king of the world...HeHe..

    however voting for the person that thinks most like you does help make the situation a bit more tolerable

  3. I wish we had candidates to choose from that actually might represent me. The Democrats might if they represented what they CLAIM for their platform, but they don't come remotely close to that. They are much more like what the Republican Party was years ago. They've both taken HUGH sidesteps to the right.

    I wouldn't mind that so much if there were reasonable Independent candidates, but that rarely happens. I hate the two Party system. It's designed to give you the worst of both parties. Far as I can tell the biggest difference between them is what they lie about.

    That being said, you can bet your a$$ that I'll go vote tomorrow. The one time I didn't, when I let life and the apathy get to me, we ended up with a mad man in power that wouldn't give it up until he had all but destroyed us. And a population that refused to see what was happening before their eyes.

    I wish "stupid" was painful.

  4. Mustang Sally

    yeah i hear ya sister...i nearly voted for one madman way back in the 80's...but i was 1 month too young to vote i never voted for another IMHO madman...

    Elton John's madman across the water i have heard was written about usual i will nto verify it as my blog my facts ALWAYS applies...

    i will vote and unfortunately it will not affect much, but i will know that i voted for the one that had the most in common with me...but as you say they do not really represent me...nad that is the saddest thing of all...

    i agree 2 party system is bs...

  5. We have to vote here, mandatory, well we ave to attend a booth and get our names ticked off. And i figure if you are there you might as well vote


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