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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it's Tuckmonster Tuesday!!!

1.Lindsay Lohan (Drunken whore)
2.Paula Deen (fat southern foody)
3.Paper checks (really do not bounce, it’s just a phrase)
4.Keri Hilson (hot?)
5.Amelia Earhart (still missing)
6.Pet food recall (OFT? Did you have pet food?
7.Sarah Palin (oFFS…somebody shoot me)
8.Broadband Internet (can you say dinosaur?)
9.Kobe Bryant (is a punk)
10.Zara Phillips (who? Or who cares?)

i am watching you, mr. bunny and mr squirel!

I had a lot of fun this week. Puppies always have fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. Daddy and I went a lot of places this week. Lots of Tucker truck rides. We went to the big orange store a lot. That is okay but, the big orange store is boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Sometimes cuz it is so boring, I chew on daddy's stuff. this week I chewed up his smokie treats. daddy was not very pissed so it must have just been the box...chew. chew.chew.

They do not allow puppies in the big orange store. Unless they wear an orange vest. While I was waiting for daddy 2 puppies in orange vests got to go in the store. I wonder what is so exciting in the big orange store. I don’t know cuz daddy makes me stay in the truck. what to chew? what to chew? what to Chew?

Every time daddy comes out of the big orange store he is pissed. I think it is cuz I am not with him and he misses me. So I lick his whole face. He laughes. I lick him some more. lick. lick. lick.

The one store that I can go in is Chow Hound. They love me there. I know why. Cuz I am cute. And funny. They give me treats. There are lots of good smells in the Chow Hound. And lots of other dogs. So I get to sniff a lot of dog butt. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

me as a little puppy...
Way back ago, when I was a very little puppy, not like I am now, a big puppy, mommy and daddy took me to the Chow Hound. It was my first night with mommy and daddy. They let me walk where ever I wanted. I found a big white stuffed bone with a skeaker in side of it. I picked it up and carried it through the store. Mommy and daddy thought I was so cute so they bought it for me. I chewed it up. Right. a. way. Chew. Chew. Chew.

Two weeks ago we went to the Chow Hound to see a guy in a red suit. Daddy called him Satan. Mommy gave daddy the look. And told him he was an ass. I don’t know who this Satan guy is, but mommy called the guy the red suit something besides Satan. I think she called him Santa. Santa. Satan. Santa.

Here is a picture of me and Santa and Mylibean. At first I was ascared to go to see the man mommy calls Santa. But he gave me a treat. It was good. I like treats. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

It is time for me to go find something to chew on. Hey! There is Mylibean! I will chew on her…

chew. chew. ow. chew. Tucker! chew. chew. stop it!



  1. You're one handsome pup!. U deserve all the treats u can get!.

  2. Tucker you are just gorgeous. Just becareful not to chew daddies smokie treats because they are not good for a young pup. They will make you very sick. Not good for daddy either.

  3. I think Tucker needs an orange vest so he can go into the big orange store with you.

  4. What a cute dog. Love the Santa (Satan) picture.

  5. You scared the bejeezus out of me with the dog food recall (not the brand I buy), but awwwww @ Tuck's Santa pic! I need to do that with Bailey girl sometime.

  6. Tucker says!

    @KBF-thats what i keep telling daddy!

    @OFT- thnaks! your an awesome bloggerer, according to daddy...

    @Mynx- i will tell daddy...but he won't listen...he says men and dogs do not listen very well...oh theres a squirel...

    @Dr S- i tried to tell daddy that he just says...hey there's a bunny

    @BB- thanks for the compliment!

    @Becca-thanks! i am cute! gimme a treat!

    @Krissy- yeah, i did not check the link, but i thought the food that i eat is safe...mommy is really good at checking that stuff..bailey needs to get a pic with santa!

    @UB- thanks daddy gave ya some blog love the other day! hope you are feeling better about stuff!


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