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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Occasionally while I am driving

I once thought that it would be a great thing to pay it forward. I probably still do. Yeah, I still do. A smile is translated by any language, so since I am smiling I speaking to everyone. I am multi-lingual. It is a great concept. I am paying it forward. Maybe it is trite, maybe it is silly, but nonetheless, I am doing that selfless act right now. I bet you are smiling as you are reading this. If not now you will be. I am confident of that.
It is easy to pay it forward. It is harmless. It is the right thing to do….Whatever….the other day I was driving. I write most of my blogs while I am driving. As most everyone knows, I am not fond of multitasking. Thinking and driving is not really multi-tasking. But it does require a two-pronged attack. In essence it is a form of multi-tasking.
Digression aside, I was doing a Michigan turn. I was in the right most lane readying to turn into the right lane. Suddenly, some smiling-jack asshole pulled around me from the left and took my space. I jammed the breaks, and squealed the tires. I am sure I uttered a couple of f-bombs. I continued driving, still fuming about the near miss. I was not a happy camper.

Occasionally while I am driving I am susceptible to road rage. The reason for road rage is simple: people are more concerned about their agenda than the others on the road. Inconsiderate people are everywhere so the road is justifiably a proper place for them to be. Karma is a powerful force. So is a gun. I would rather be in a room with a person with a loaded karma than a loaded gun. I would prefer to never have a reason to be pissed at another person, on the road or not. However, I am a red head.
When you get jackassed, you have the right, no, the responsibility to act in a considerate way toward the jackass. Or you can pay it forward. Karma be damned. I call it jackass pay it forward. The best part of this is that you will invariably get the opportunity to pay it forward in short order. So many jackasses, so little time.
A little while later I was given the opportunity to pay it forward. Jackass pay it forward. Some non-driving vehicle operator was just begging to be jackassed. I declined. While loaded karma is not as deadly as a loaded gun, I’m not taking any chances.

Just another day in paradise

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