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Saturday, August 13, 2011

so yeah....

i have a lot to be thankful for.


1.     Dianna Agron (dyes her hair pink…fucking wow!)
2.     Renee Zellweger (my latest stalker)
3.     Jani Lane (dead)
4.     Miranda Cosgrove (twisted ankle)
5.     Charla Nash (new face)
6.     Vampire bat death (get ready for the vampire appocalypse)
7.     Left Handers day (lefties get their rights!)
8.     Medicare (all gone, thanks to the rich fucks that run our country)
9.     Dennis Rodman (dyes his hair pink, fucking WOW)
10.  Schizophrenia (is on the rise…I blame mcdonalds)

mostly it is good to be alive.

none of us know when the final bell will toll, but some of us have a shorter run than others...what the fuck ever...

live in the moment.

for those of you that are new here, and i see there are a couple new faces, this blog has no real and the puppy just roll with the flow and punch with the go or something like that.

i seem to forget a lot lately...

short term memory?

what is that???

take care of the shit that is laying around...and believe me i have a lot of shit laying around....

mind you i am not a hoarder, or anything...i just have a lot of stuff.

whatever...i am the king of digression...

cuz i forget a lot...did i tell you that?

you know short term and all that?


what were we talking about?

oh and don't blame the is 5 o'clock some where...

why the fuck is it i can get a 3 dollar cup of coffee from WhoreBucks, or the ilk, at 9 am and that is okay?

but i stop by the local craft brewery at 9 am...and get a 3 dollar beer and that is a problem?

fuck that!

okay, the door was locked, i get that.

the cops get that...

i just wanted a beer. i left the 4 bucks on the bar (yeah tip included)

but caffeine is bad for you!

and for realz? the jackasaurus that serves me that expensive cuppa steaming 3 dollar crap is called a barrista? (sp? who cares)


they are a coffee server, the damn machine does all the work...and for any of you that want to give me crap about not knowing what i am talking about i served 'cino's and 'spresso's for nearly a year, as a part-time job. it is glorified monkey work...

it is!

any machine that costs more than the person operating makes in  a year and can fit in the trunk of a Jetta is definitely the big daddy in that equation...

Jus' Sayin'

and tipping them?
why does everyone think they should get a tip?

and then it is just a jar. filled with ones.

sitting there.

but if i sit on the street corner and play a song with my guitar  and have a bucket, that is not acceptable?

if i hand you an EMPTY cup that you will fill with coffee and cream and sugar accordingly, and you are supposed to tip me?

is is just me?

am i crazy?

don't answer that

so any who what where...

tUcKeR and I have been working on some blog material, and will have a new blog soon, hopefully i can get him to be done by Tuesday but you can't tell that puppy anything.

playin, sleepin, chewin, fishin, more sleepin, some barkin....working like a dog?

yeah riiiiight...


awhile back i made an award called the brass balls award.

it has been so long that i cannot remmeber what the fucking rules are or the link and you can find out all that crazy shit...i do know that i am the only one to award it, cuz i am all ego and shit like that...

life is short, so i do not have time to do all the work for you!

Drake Sigar for this post

Oil field trash for this post

oily won so the award goes to him....

yeah it was a while back...

hey i have shit going on, okay?

BTW-he recently got 300 followers as well!!!

so stop by both these ballsy guys and give them a tasty comment!
you will not be sorry!

Just Another Day In Paradise!
Just another Dog In Puppydise!
copyright 2010 JADIP...adnasueam blah blah blah...


  1. A couple great blogs, very worthy of the award.

    I am a caffeine addict and drink lots of coffee. Some of it is the cheap coffee pot variety but I do mix in the expensive shit too.

    Thankfully beer also satisfies a certain chemical craving for me too so no matter the time of day I can get a fix somewhere!


  2. It is nice to see you back big guy! I hope you are feeling better. We missed you.

  3. Glad to see you back, you have been missed.

    And thanks for the award, I promise there will be no pictures or drawings of my balls.

  4. Ok you want to know about short term memory loss well hubby knows a lot about it he loves to tell me the same thing over and over and over again then the next day he will tell me over and over and over again but hey he doesn't have a problem with his memory if you ask him he thinks I am the one with the problem because I sometimes forget things.......

    When it comes to giving tips I am just great at it someone gives me a drink I will give them a tip such as when you fart in a car wind the windows down...........that's a not the right tip well what do you do when you fart in a car........jump out and leave the driver in with the yeah like you are going to jump from a moving car............

  5. Back with a vengance Sir Bruce.
    Great post. And OT's post was a definite cringeworthy winner.

  6. Yes I remember that vote. seems like many, many moons ago. I'm glad your back and Tucker as well. Workin' like a dog. That's what I wanna do when I get big!

  7. Welcome back!

    Your dog gives incredible advice. Does he give legal advice? I have a criminal matter involving a hooker, and... you know what, it'd probably just be easier if he called me.

  8. I would like to see an in-depth analysis of the "tip jar". Honestly, if there's a jar on the counter begging for tips, it kinda means you never really had to leave the cash register, duddin it?


  9. So glad to see your blog pop up today! Miss you and I also hate tipping for a cup of As for tip jars, I always ignore them! I only tip for good service which these days is rare :) lickity licks to Tucker


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