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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


guess what?

so like yeah...

i was kidnapped by some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend...

yesterday i had 203 fucking page views...

or something like that...

who really knows?

i don't....

i know, right?

the 3d world is stranger than fiction...

peace love and rock-an-roll, y'all

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. wait, was that supposed to link to carly simon? lol.
    i came and visited your page 198 times yesterday, so the bulk of those were me, sorry but i tend to be obsessive compulsive that way. :)

  2. I visited a few times but I was only looking at my brass balls......

  3. :-) You know a lot of weird people. :-)


  4. Life in general can be stranger than fiction. Hope all is well and here is another batch of good mojo!

    The Ranter’s Box

  5. Always good to see you Scruffy - and they were probably page views from a "boobie" know those porn stalkers. giggle

    See? Now you will get more because I wrote boobies and porn [x2] in one comment.

    It has been known to happen.

    Hope you are well. We miss you.

  6. I have nothing I sit here looking at the post and not one think comes to mind to comment on how strange is's ok I got something how do you know Carly Simon some underworld spy and by knowing that are you sure you will not wake up

  7. wow you rock! I can stop stalking your blog now ;)

  8. hello stranger. wasnt me looking at your page. Too busy chatting to skippy about porn and boobies

  9. I got a stack yesterday, even though I haven't posted since May 30. Maybe google is making it up just to try and stop us all from taking Prozac.

  10. I can account for one of those. What's this about boobies and porn?

  11. Only 203 views? I could have sworn I viewed it at least 210 times. Well, I will keep better track next time.

  12. I'm gonna go ahead and be honest and say that none of those page views came from me. I was too busy beating my head against a wall. Come to think of it, I don't remember much of yesterday, so I might have visited after all.

  13. Dude, my bad. I was drinking and kept hearing, what I thought perceived as being Tucker, spewing violent innuendos pertaining to my future if I did not say hi.

  14. And, after proofing my comment, I must be drunk still. ENGRISH LOCKS !!!!!!!!

  15. Yeah there's definitely some issues. I had close to 1000 hits yesterday.

    I haven't even logged into blogspot in 1 month (exactly!).

  16. empress- the good mojo is always a good thing..thanks!

    Jo Anne- it is cuz i am so vain, that i am still alive!

    Sarah..wait what you have Prozac? um mm Prozac my one weakness...

    beer 4 shower- just trying to get more hist with key words...boobies and porn seem to work!

    OMSB- yeah i meant

    IB- yep that was tucker you heard! he is like that...

    and there is nothing wrong with being drunk!


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