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Thursday, June 2, 2011

just so you know...

i was not raptured...

seems that there are a lot of others that were not as well...

matter of fact?

i did not know one single person to be raptured....

wait? what?

it is six months from now?

hey anyone wanna buy a few thousand   i survived the MAY 21, 2011  rapture t-shirts?


jus sayin....

Just Another Day In Paradise!


  1. The new date is no set for my birthday in October. I am not holding my breath.

  2. hmmm...I could use a little Rapture in my mean rapture as in the world ends? Nah...screw that...not that kind...nevermind.

  3. Damn it's good to have you back blogging!
    Missed you some - okay, missed you lots!

    We'll all have to put our thinking caps on and see if we can divert the next "end of days" rapture event - or maybe just throw a blog party!

    Either way...good to "read" you!

    Cheers, Jenny

  4. I didn't miss you at all.

    Spottie penned all those emails - so don't think, like, I had ANYTHING to do with it.

    It was all Spot. You should have ignored them. Especially the bad spelling. :wink:

    Now where the heck is MY t-shirt dude?

    Skippity lurves the Bruce. Nice to see you. You know where to mail my t-shirt. giggle

  5. Good to see you buddy!

    Coming home to stay, or does 3D still have you trapped in its talons?


  6. Missed you Sir Bruce. Glad you didnt get raptured.
    Is this just a flying visit?

  7. Hello my fellow word perv. Don't worry none of us got raptured either ...or maybe we are all just a bunch of heathens and weren't accepted to heaven. I'll guess we'll all find out eventually. Anyhoo, glad you were able to resurface for a bit. You have been missed. Sending lots of good thoughts your way matey!
    Bloggy hugs to you and Tucker.

  8. ha ha cool idea! I was so chuffed when I saw your blog come up in my reader...woo hoo...made my day :)

  9. I was neither raptured or ruptured.

  10. Now what would be cool is if you had been and still managed to write this posting.......

  11. Always good to hear from my little brother! Hope you're doing well and the blog world misses you terribly.

  12. the whole rapture thing had to be a publicity stunt for the dude's church, bad publicity is better than no publicity right? i'm getting more and more convinced that a lot of church-y leader-y people are just out to take advantage and make money off of the easily duped. it's actually a genius plan if you can stand acting all religious.

  13. I'll take two. One for here and one for there!
    I heard he was supposed to show up at Joe Louis Arena first then Cobo and then he was gonna hop on the people mover and head to greektown, gamble a bit and bid adieu at the top of the Rennisance Building! Do I have this confused with our last Papal visit?!

  14. Welcome back, Bruce! You escaped for now, but the rapture's coming again in October. Then, when it doesn't happen, it'll probably come again in December. And so on.

    You just can't hide from the J-man. He'll get you one way or another.

  15. I actually did get raptured. That's my excuse for not blogging. I came back, though. Heaven was too boring for me.

  16. Dammit! I keep hoping to meet someone who was raptured. *sigh* Well, back to the search, I guess. At least pets can't get raptured. At least that's what they said.

  17. empress- always good to get kind words. you too have been very missed from out end as well...

    Jo Anne- i love your spin...that will be something when i do get raptured and come back time...

    Bushman- i love your comment...LOL...we must have been separated at birth or something...great minds!

    Beer 4- kinda like an old married every 3 or 4 months...

    OMSB- i will have better news next time...


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