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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A quick note 5 24 11

the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
the anti rapture (and not much else)
lady gaga (lady gag-me)
the next rapture (that was just a practice)

tUcKeR and i are doing well.

we miss you all.

we are geting things right in the 3d world...

i had a few minutes and i thought...

i will go on to drop some f*bombs bombs on your blogs, you know slinging some f bombs  wittyshit, you know, just to let you know im still alive and...make you laugh...but NOOOOOO!

what. the .fuck.

guzzleboner googblefucker was not letting me sign in fom my igoogle page...

had to go back to explorer....

now im pissed and stressed...

so if i normally comment on your blog and you have missed me, which i am sure you have, like herpes...and other diseases...

*fuck..blah blah blah..funny thing. more swearing. some other really witty thing...and a gratuitous fuck.*

copy and past to your comment section and sign my name.

i give you permission...

oh and see ya in a few whiles...

Just Another Day in Paradise...


  1. Makes me think back to when I was Jr. High and changed a D to a B on my report card and signed my mothers name to it too. Hahaha. I got caught and got my ass whooped!

  2. Blogger ain't been acting right since it's head exploded. Sometimes I can't comment. Sometime it just takes forever to load. And the photo editor I can make work, but not in the proper way. Methinks they still have issues.

    And you know I love him to death but Tucker is a bad influence on Moppet ... see Mynx's party (when you can of course)

    Good to see you and hear things are a bit better. You are missed much.

  3. What to say to this posting let me think mmmmmmmmmmm
    well you have bloody well been missed and for the so called rapture that was a non advent was anyone really surprised about that I think not.............

    It is so bloody cold here and wet and my back is aching like no ones business and yeah I know this has nothing to do with your post but I feel like having a bithch about nothing. I would like to put the heater on but hubby is home and he will complain so I should get up and go find a cardy no I think my pj shirt would be warmer.....
    so till next time know some of us are still missing you............really we are do not doubt me I do not lie................

  4. I got drunk and punched the blogger bitch a few times. I am sorry I messed her up. I will try to not do it again.

  5. "fuck..blah blah blah..funny thing. more swearing. some other really witty thing...and a gratuitous fuck"

    Well, you said I COULD. giggle

  6. don't get pissed and stressed, maaaan...
    you made me laugh here, and really, doesn't that make it all worthwhile?
    hope 3d keeps on getting even better and righter! thanks for paying us a visit. :)

  7. Hey buddy! Glad to see you resurfaced. I lost a stilletto while we were doing shots over at Mynx's virtual blog party. Not sure about the rest. Something about naked Jenga...

    Blogger is being a fucktard for sure. I too have been having all sorts of trouble with that bitch. Not being able to log in, having trouble posting comments, getting comments that show up a week later, etc.

    Anyhoo, sending lots of good thoughts to you and Tucker : )

    The Ranter’s Box

  8. Come on Bruce, you know you have spent the last couple of days at my place.

    And do you own this pair of Red wings Undies that Possum found hung on the door handle? And tell BET I am still looking for him. He is is BIG trouble

    @ Skippy ooo, you said naughty words, Im telling pooldad on you lol (dont care if you were just quoting Bruce)

  9. Helllllllllllloooooooo! Yes I've missed you :)

  10. now you know you just didn't want to share the beer with us because you wanted it all for yourself. missed you much glad to see your not passed out somewhere strange.

    and blogger is being a real Bitch lately i can't get it to doing right right it's frustrating really.

    have a great week and big hugs. also HI Tucker

  11. You forgot "fuckity". I forgive you, though.

  12. I found a fix. If you get re-directed to sign in again in order to post a comment, just UN-check the box that reads "keep me logged in" or something.

  13. Yes I do miss you, but I thank you for the above- referenced generic comment that I will gladly copy/paste and add to my blog.


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