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Thursday, March 15, 2012

flip out

it is flip flop weather!

the kind with the toe thong, please!

jus' sayin'

it may be the end of days with the crazy summerlikemarch bullshit going on...

but what a way to go!


i grilled out twice yesterday...

got the tiki torches out.

and tUcKeR?


lets just say the guy parts may be gone, but he definitely is feelin' the itch of spring!

he was going on and on and on about mrs. bunny and mr. squirel.

and his girl friend emma...

they grow up so fast...
you buy em books and all they do is chew on the covers!

so get on your flip-itty-flops and join me for a little IMM2BBQ!

Just Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Dog In Puppydise


  1. Oh the flip flops are out & on my painted toesies! Big hugs to you and Tucker! Enjoy the nice weather...I know I am.

  2. What?! Flip-flops?1 No, no, no. Don't tease this poor Minnesota girl!

    Although, honestly, it's going to be 80 by the weekend. Isn't that crazy?


  3. where are you living boy?!?!?! Seriously, I had rain, snow, hail, windstorm, and that was just the first hour of my day!!! Send me a plane ticket, I want to come down to where you are!

  4. Outdoor grilling?? I am envious! It is so wet and grey here that we don't even have a barbeque anymore. Sacrilegious, I know....

  5. Pretty fine weather here too. But we are on the fast track to winter sadly.
    At least though, even at it's coldest here....

    Love ya Sir Bruce xx

    (and I have naked toesies right now)

  6. Flip Flop. Questionable. Thong... Also Questionable.
    But floss for feet.
    Definitely questionable~!!!!

  7. Hey Bruce and Tucker - I hope me and Ms.Lucy-fur aren't late for the BBQ - we just got buried under a pile of "late" snow.
    Can you believe it...all winter long...nothing, oh, maybe a sprinkle here and there, and then last week...doggy poop hits the fan...and the heavens open up and blesses me and Ms Lucy with a winter wonderland!

    Anyway...good to see you up and blogging! Lately I feel a little drained with a my co-hosting responsibilities; I hardly get around to my visit my sorry!

    Hope you're well and happy - thinking of you. Hugs, JennyPEARSON REPORT

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