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Sunday, October 3, 2010

If not this it would be something else…

      My last entry to the blog-o-sphere was a bit depressing and the week has been filled with ups and downs. Those of us that know Mike have been riding the VoHovator...It is up one minute down the next. Actually, it is a much slower PendulumishProgression but it sure feels that way when you are living it. But If Not This It Would Be Something Else… (henceforth: INTIWBSE)
     Daily struggles. We all have them. But INTIWBSE!!!!


Michael Douglas Kelly Ripa Renee Zellweger Home Listings Ice Road Truckers Chloe Grace More…Tiger Woods Wind Farm Retirement Plann… NFL Picks
     This mind-meld picture just made me laugh…

     Now mind you this girl was cute, much cuter than the mind-meld camera captured, but seriously? Advertising you HC Queendom in a car…and a Gremlin at that? SERIOUSLY? Oh yeah it is Homecoming week in many places. One more reason to be thankful that I have graduated and sorta matured…Who's wit me? (i know i wrote wit
     Having spent a bit of time this week in a hospital, I realized that hospitals are very Un-Green. It is consumerism in the 10th degree. Not only is a hospital full of bio-hazards and germs, it is a constant stream of debris and disposables.
     It is AMAZING that more people do not get sick when they spend time there. I know the doctors and nurses and support staffers are prolly fairly germ-conscience, but the teaming mass of All-Walks-Of-Life and Cleanliness-Factors is mind-bending-Malignancy in a can. The downfall of civilization will prolly be sparked by the germ-warfare that is a hospital…
     The fact is that your life changes immeasurably and in many ways when a close friend or family has a terrible accident… not as much as the victim, but change none-the-less…and as a member of the human race, we fear change….as an added bonus you exposed to an overdose of germiness and are surrounded by a ton of depression and death… INTIWBSE
     I have not had much time to search out my BloggerMuse and the moon has not been full or mebbe it has but I am very out of it…Typically the full moon is a very creative time for me. But …INTIWBSE
     Wow INTIWBSE looks eerily similar to INTERWEB…there may be a connection…Jus’ Sayin’…
     I have said before I am a vampire, but I am also a Were-Blogger…good things usually come to me during a full moon…IDK…I have noticed that my eyebrows have a couple weird-ass long dark hairs protruding from them. Very Were-ish…Years ago when I shaved my left eyebrow, like Bob Geldorf’s character in Pink Floyd, The Wall, no one noticed. My eyebrows are nearly transparent. Except for the errant two hairs…they just keep coming back…I cut them off, they re-appear but INTIWBSE …if that does not say were-blogger, i do not know what does...
    This ArtPrize thingy going on in Downtown GR is a hoot…OR NOT…Actually, I would not know first hand, cuz I do not like crowds and hate driving in the metro area, so I avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, I was driving to the hospital to see VoHo and got caught in a traffic jam. It only took me about 20 minutes to drive three blocks. And I saw a couple of fire trucks…since VoHo’s accident; I get a Gut-Grumbler every time a see one…
    There were a million people milling around. I saw enough to know that you could not get me to go down there for THE MILLION in change on the streets. Ok, mebbe I would go sown there for that, but seriously, not for much less. What a clusterfuk-fukeroo
     I did see a bunch of people crossing the street and not at the crosswalks, and fortunately for them, none of them flipped me off, because I do not need a trip to the jailhouse… by the time I navigated the gawkers traffic jam I was a millisecond from coming unglued, but that is really not much different than any other day when I am driving in the downtown area…usually I do not have to contend with the Art-Prize Idiot Squad,  but INTIWBSE
     It has been an up and down week and the highs have been very high, like when VoHo sorta smiled at me moved his arms and all that…but the lows have been very low…the prognosis for VoHo is not good…he is still alive…high five!! He will have some paralysis, most likely from the neck down…I guess I am jumping the gun, but the visit on Friday was a major bummer… INTIWBSE
     We celebrated the first MCT of the year and it was good…free (to us) Crown Royal for everyone…a plus…did a small project and talked a bit o the talk and then backed it up with a bit o the walk…cuz that’s how we roll in the MCT crowd…The TuckMonster took a dump in the ManCave…hey jackass, no shitting in the MC…a bummer…yes he is still a puppy, but… INTIWBSE …SERIOUSLY? What else could he do that is worse than dropping a deuce in the MC? lots of things like chewing thru the power cord on the tablesaw, but who's counting?
     I have been dreaming a lot of weird stuff lately. I think it may have to do with the fact that I have cut back on the booze…it could be the meds I am taking.It is prolly something i picked up at the hospital... It could be a lot of things but INTIWBSE
     A couple nights ago I dreamt of a house that had a bathroom with four showers. Four separate showers. In ONE bathroom!!! Very odd. One of the showers in this 4 shower bathroom had a urinal built in the shower. In the dream I thought that this was kinda cool. When I did the DreamPostMortum, when you try to figure out WTF the dream meant, I thought what’s the point?
     When you fire up most showers, the time to wait for the proper temperature is known as Water-Down-Time (WTD)...cuz the water just goes down the drain, right? a natural part of taking a shower... If I somehow forget to pee before I get in the shower, although the running water is a natural piss-inducer, I am going to piss while in the shower, which i call inshowero pissing. I mean I am already naked (fighting visual) Inshowero pissing is a GreenAction. If you are Green enough to have a 1.6 flusher then you are saving 1.6 gallons by draining the lizard inshowero. I am saving more cuz my toilet uses about 30 gallons per flush and most times I have to DoubleFlush...very Un-Green...    
      I know most of you guys have prolly done the inshowero piss. Some of the women have prolly done this as well. …   The waste water all goes to the same sewer line. This GreenAction saves water and not just by eliminating a flush, it also saves the WTD, waiting for the shower to re-get to the proper temperature to make your re-entrance, . If you exit the shower and leave the water running that is VeryUnGreen…there goes the 1.6 you could have saved...Jus' Sayin'.... 
    Okay, so you could shut down the shower and exit. Do the urine-drop and reset the whole process. That does not seem very green.  It seems very UnGreen. but this is "Merica...whatever.. peein' in the shower is my new green effort!!! just doin' my part for the future generations of this planet!!!
     This week I discovered a new dip for tortilla chips cuz I am special like that. My wife recently made about 20 jars of salsa. Good salsa cost around $4.00 in the grocery store. That means we have about $80.00 worth of good salsa. And this salsa rocks. It is not too hot, but it has great flavor, and a couple shakes of Tabasco in it kicks it up to speed…I am sure she used about $100.00 worth of veggies to make it but hey INTIWBSE
     Oh yeah, I was talking about the new dip.
1 cup of small curd cottage cheese (and not that low fat stuff. the low fat stuff tastes like eating a wet sweat sock. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do)
2 scooops of my wife's homade home-made salsa (no, i did not mean 'ho made)
3 shakes of Tabasco (not red-hot, not anything but Tabasco)
A dash of coarse ground Black pepper (WTF is a dash? you figure that out. i can only do so much for you) 
A dash of garlicsalt-pepper mix (no substitutions, please)
Stir (not shanken) and eat with chips…
      The world is full of ups and downs, crisis’s, and zenith’s AND we all have our our version of the VoHovator...but INTIWBSE…I saw the other day that K-mart is Re-introducing Lay-away…trey cool.
I have decided to put my bad news on a layaway plan.  Henceforth I too will put my troubles on lay-away…I will only withdraw a bit-o-trouble at a time. If too many bad things happen at once I will ignore the most of it, get drunk and go to sleep perchance to dream something even more f-d up than the 4 shower dream. INTIWBSE Or something like that. I refuse to be depressed cuz… INTIWBSE….
     AND IT IS… 

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