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Monday, December 21, 2009

multi tasking

I was multi-tasking today. It is not something I am very good at. I can handle the thought process of multi-tasking. I can grasp the concept of what is required. I understand what needs to be done to accomplish this feat. I honestly suck at it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was installing a shower faucet. It requires all my concentration, or I may forget a crucial step. You have to drain the system. It usually takes something like three forever’s to accomplish this step. You have to clean the copper, add the flux, and assemble all the parts. Then you have to make sure that you hit with heat and solder,each joint, or it will be a big, hairy and unpleasant surprise. Oh and I forgot to mention wet. I was focused and proficient. I did not multi task. No leaks and no phone calls, so chalk one up for the good guys.

I cannot count the number of almost disasters I have had when I was plumbing. If the phone rings, or a customer asks me a question, throw the multitask function out the window, and grab some towels because I will probably forget one of the joints. Then it is shower time! And that REALLY sucks because you usually have to drain the entire system.

When I got home I shoveled the driveway. It was still snowing, so the multi-task function ended abruptly. I only focused on the driveway so the shovel would not catch on one of the near ten thousand cracks in the driveway, and shove the handle into my stomach or worse yet my junk. I am not playing hockey right now so I do not have a cup on, and I have yet to pay for that fiasco.

I came in and started to re-heat some of Roxy’s white chicken chili. it is awesome! i feel for anyone behind me tommorrw, but i will feast tonight! I then heated up a pan for a grilled cheese, tomato and horseradish sandwich and logged on to Facebook. Look at me I am multi-tasking! Needless to say, the computer was slow and I lost track of time. VOILA!  Burnt sandwich! Multi-tasking at its finest. I really should just blame the damn ELECTRIC stove. Electric blows, gas is MUCH better!

There is something magical about a burnt grilled cheese sandwich. Black magical. Maybe magical is not the correct word, maybe gross is better. No, putrid is better, but diabolical is probably best. I ate it anyway, because I still remember, from my youth, all those starving kids in India, or was it Kentwood? I really do not remember where they were starving, but they were. If they want I will send them a bunch of burnt grilled cheese. Then they will know that starvation is not the worst thing in the world.

I rectified the situation. I focused on the cooking. I am just about to bite into the second, not burnt, grilled cheese. YUMMY! I am washing it down with a large spoonful of white chicken chili. The phone rings. I am not going to answer it. Some folks may call eating and talking on the phone multi tasking. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. I just call it rude.

Just another day in paradise

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