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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

h is for...

i purposely combined my post to use the letters h and i together!
cuz i am all kinds of sneaky like that!

tUcKeR is taking a day off so daddy gets to type a blog!

happy insanity...

the birth of your first born child.
that last few minute before you say *i do*

when you walk in the door after a long day of work to a little puppy.

quitting a job you hate...
with no back up plan...

your sports team winning it all!
that first kiss...

snow days!

friends and family from outta town that you have not seen in forever!

finding 20 dollars in the pocket of your jeans!

an actual hand written letter in the mail box!

that first glass of OJ when you wake up parched!

winning the lotto or any gamble...

catching a trophy bass!
or catching any fish, if you happen to be tUcKeR!

one thing my puppy  has taught me...
happiness can be insane
all encompassing

have some happy insanity today!

Just A-nother Day In a-to-z challenge
Just A-nother Day In Paradise
Just A-nother Dog In Puppydise


  1. I love it! what a feel-good happy post...needed that today and I would agree; quitting a job you hate and a snow day! :)
    Hi to Tucker and I hope he enjoys his day off!

  2. Ah... I love this post, so refreshing! I experience several first kisses through the characters I write. :)


    A to Z co-host


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