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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Update...(updated, cuz i forgot some stuff)

...with Bruce and Tucker!

editors note: the things that are trending may or may not be real...i never really know myself...damn those self induced trances...

1.Kate Winslet (called me last night at 3 am)
2.she who will not be named (going to drop her surname…is there no end to her stupidity?)
3.Sylvester Stallone (getting re-married?)
4.Freida Pinto (staring in a new role)
5.NFL Draft 2011 (cancelled)
6.Rachel Zoe (prolly preggers, mebbe in a break up…I don’t giva damn)
7.Muffin top (sucks)
8.Bernard Madoff (free again, to ponzi more people)
9.Tax preparation (don’t do it, man..if none of us file they can’t get us all)
10.Patents (are cool, but hard to get)

i am telling daddy what is up!
he listens worse than a pup!
look daddy, i say
i am the alpha today!
i am a puppy and i run this place!
you are not, so get outta my face!

then i get a treat!

Tucker's take:

i am tucker. i am a puppy! this past few whiles, have been very fun for me. daddy and i have been together ALL.THE. TIME.

we have gone everywhere!

i went for a walk all around the block without a leash, with daddy of course, and daddy was so happy he gave me alot.
and alot.
and alots.
of treats!

i am working on a special post about a fun thing that daddy and i did with a couple other bloggererer friends. skippy mom, bouncin' barb (my bloggererer sis) and mynx-y...

it will be fun!
everything i do is  fun! i am a puppy! puppies have fun!
i am quite the artist and funny puppy. you will love it. it is fun!

Daddy's take:

I have been stalking most of you as much as I can. I am sorry I may have missed a post here or there, but for the most part I read you guys and gals, and as much as possible, I leave a comment.

It seems as if Tucker has forgotten about his World Dogmanation quest for  this week, which is good. We have gone a lot of places and done many things. Most of them have been less than five minutes from the house, but thankfully a puppy has no real sense of time.

five minutes, three hours, meh, whatever..

Things for me have improved. I am getting a bit of stamina back. It is a day to day thing and some days are better than others.

Rock. the. fuck. on! BABY!

BTW, the TyckMonster is not lying, or stretching the truth, he has gone on several walks around the block with out a leash and I was even able to "down " him when he saw another dog. He wanted to go in the worst way.

He is deathly afraid of the noise the car keys make when rattled...he will drop like a lead ballon if i say down and rattle the keys. I keep them in my pocket so he does not know they are the car keys. I do not want him to associate going for a ride with that noise.

I will be having a very special guest on the Evil Twin Blog very soon...
The Empress from the Ranters Box and I are working on a very awesome piece...

Also I will be working on a special collabaoration with darling Mynx-y very soon...details to follow...

And, lastly, I have all the contest winners discs made up, I am just waiting getting som cash together to post them all out...i have not forgotten...



  1. Tuck: U should always be the alpha, but hey, I know how it is, u have to let 'him' be boss some of the time! LOL... BTW missed u and your owner..must be workin' hard.

  2. Tucker, please tell you dad I am sorry about the shootout win that my Penquins had the other night.

  3. YAY Tucker! What a good boy you are going for walks with no leash! So glad Daddy gave you lots of treats for it...because that's just awesome. Yay for spending time with Daddy too! You be sure and show him who is boss though-don't want him stepping out of line!

    Daddy-uh is that strange---Bruce---Good job with Tucker. What a lucky pup he is to have a daddy like you who takes the time to train him and love on him! *Unlike those douchebags I work for* Can't wait for the special post!

  4. Thats great that you're feeling better.

    It sounds like you and tucker are having fun too and hopefully it will continue.
    Have a good weekend

  5. Glad you are making progress, Brucie.

    Tucker's training sounds like it is going great! If we ever tried that with Schultz or Ella, we would never see them again - they'd run away so fast!

    It's good to take some time away from the 'puter and live in the real world.

    Readership goes down, but the real-time-life-value is worth it!

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously!


  6. so wonderful to wake up and see you back on my reading list darling. Sounds like you and Tucker are making progress


  7. Glad to see you are feeling better Tucker's Daddy. :) And Tuck you are a good, good boy for downing when Daddy tells you. Can you please come teach Spot*

    Have a good weekend guys.

  8. Isn't it strange how dogs get scared of the strangest things. My parents puppy is scared stiff of apples - for no logical reason. It just won't go near a red shiny apple so we've change his name to snow white

  9. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better, boss. :) I was also very happy to see a post from you!~

    Tucker, you are such a good boy, getting to walk around "naked" like that! Who's such a smart and pretty boy?? You are!!~

  10. Wait a minute here!!! You are supposed to down the dog? Shit my dogs have me all messed up. Super embarrased on walks too when another person walks by and I have to get down. Hmmmm I better have a talk with them boys.

  11. you sound like me i've been a little busy so i have been trying to read everyone's post but may have missed one or two but it's all good. can't wait to see what you are up to with all this secret stuff.

  12. tucker says!
    kbf-i am the alpha, but daddy is beign traineded very well

    Oft- daddy says to tell you it is not the playoffs yet so no worries. however the WINGS were very lucky to get a point after sucking so long as to be down 4-0. play like that will not bode well in the post...

    Jewels- i am a good puppy, so i lety daddy think he is in charge...daddy says training began the day i came into the house. i agree. i have been training daddy since that day!

    (bruce says: seriously haveing a dog is worse than a kid in a lot of ways cuz if you do not start training immediately, the dog will learn very difficult and ahrd to break bad habits... no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners)

    bubbles- thanks and it has been a spectacular weekend i hope yours was smashing as well!

    Steph C- Bruce sasy: some dogs are more difficult than others. all my previous dogs were runners. this one has alwasy wanted to be where ever we are...

  13. tucker says!

    mynx-y-daddy and i are glad to give you happiness..puppies are happy.
    all. the. time.

    skippy- i can teach anydog anything!anytime!
    i am super puppy

    g (daddy says) that is funny..snow white..i hope the dog is not black...

    Kat- daddy and i thank you muchly!

    bushman-daddy says to tell you that they have trained you well..

    becca- it will be very fun...good job on your walk yeserday!

  14. My dog once went on a walk by herself, too. Took us 2 weeks to find her...

    My other dog is absolutely terrified of those green garden sticks that hold up plants. Whenever I bring one near him, he runs away, like I'm going to hit him with it.

    I have never hit him with any stick, green or otherwise. No idea why it scares him so much.

  15. Sounds like both Tucker and Daddy are getting exercise! You can tell by the picture that Tucker is having a howling gooooood time. I was not clear on who was training whom, though....

  16. tucker says-
    beeer 4 shower- dogs know bad stuff no matter what it is. and i too have been on a walkabout, but never for more than 2 minutes by myself. daddy says i am a wussy... woofever..i do not know what that means..

    OmSB-i am definitely training daddy...

  17. The first picture of Tuck I thought you photoshopped his snout out or something so I clicked on it to see it full size. Haha, I don't know what I was thinking!


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